Introducing Lab notes

What are they?

Lab notes is a short collection of articles on subjects related to web design. They have arisen from two main promptings. Sometimes when at work on some aspect of web design I come across something that I am unfamiliar with and need to dig into it in more detail. Once I have done that, my memory being what it is, it seems sensible to record the result from where I can recall it later. Recording it also brings me back to my schooldays and early days at work. I soon found out that when you commit yourself to writing something down you at the same time commit yourself to a degree of honesty by which I mean that you mustn't finish up with a loose wire, or a set of screws for which you can find no home. Rather you must sort out all the detail until you can produce a coherent picture of what you are describing then you have your 'aha' moment when you can say 'that's how it all fits together, I see it at last'.

The second prompting arose from contributing to some forums ('fora' really but few of us are Latin perfectionists). Certain questions arise repeatedly and, instead of offering ad hoc responses each time, it is often better and certainly a more efficient use of time, to refer the enquirer to some pre-prepared material.

Lab notes are normally short articles that can be covered in a single page though there is at least one exception to this rule.

They look different

Yes Lab Notes have had a makeover. They do indeed look different and during the change over everything has been carefully checked and where necessary brought up to date. A few pages have been moved into Lab Notes from elsewhere but the original urls are redirected.

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