1 - Introduction

 2 - Quick start

 3 - Using KompoZer

 4 - Stylesheets

 5 - Scripts

 6 - Inserts

 7 - Templates

 8 - Site Manager

 9 - Preferences

10 - Publishing


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Nvu User Guide - Postscript


This guide started as notes for my personal use. I revealed its existence to the Nvu forums and after receiving favourable and encouraging remarks decided to press on.

I express my thanks to those, including several from the Nvu and WysiFree forums,  who have made a number of useful suggestions which I have incorporated wherever possible. Particular thanks however go to Gérard Talbot http://www.gtalbot.org/ who's knowledge of the web, html and CSS greatly exceeds mine and who has offered a number of corrections and made many suggestions which I believe have significantly improved the result. My thanks also go to Jukka "Yucca" Korpela http://www.cs.tut.fi/%7Ejkorpela/ who checked and provided several corrections to the appendix on Encoding. Mistakes and omissions, of course, remain mine.

Gérard must also be thanked for undertaking the translation into French as must Tsutomu Ohmori and Jürgen Klose for translating into Japanese and German respectively.

Thanks are also due to Daniel Glazman at http://www.disruptive-innovations.com/ Disruptive Innovations who developed Nvu from the earlier Netscape Composer and to http://fabiwan.kenobi.free.fr/ Fabien Cazenave (Kazé) who developed it into KompoZer. Thanks also to http://www.linspire.com Linspire who have provided hosting.