1 - Introduction

 2 - Quick start

 3 - Using KompoZer

 4 - Stylesheets

 5 - Scripts

 6 - Inserts

 7 - Templates

 8 - Site Manager

 9 - Preferences

10 - Publishing


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KompoZer User Guide - Section 6

6    Inserts

The menu command Insert provides several options.

Image. See section 3.5.1.

Table. See section 3.6.1.

Form. See section 3.9.

Link. See section 3.7.

Named anchor. See section

Horizontal line. Inserts a horizontal line across the width of a block at the point selected. This doesn’t have to be in the simple default style you can define a class and apply it to customise the line. Alternatively the Horizontal Line Properties (double click on the line) allows the width and height, alignment to be set. Colour can be set via the Advanced Property editor using the ‘Inline Styles’ tab and setting a value for ‘background-color’.

Characters and symbols. Provides a wide range of characters not readily available from the keyboard including accented and copyright. There is more about special characters in Appendix 6.

Table of contents. Inserts a table of contents, based on heading styles which can be selected. The table entries are linked to the corresponding headings. See section 3.13.

Document made with KompoZerSmart Widgets. If you’re proud of your design and that fact that KompoZer helped you, insert an image and a link to publicise it.

Templates. See section 7.

HTML. Allows you to insert some hand-coded HTML code at any point on a page. (If you want to add code in the HEAD area you’ll have to use “Source” view instead.)

Note If you wish to insert HTML into your page this is probably the safest way to do so. While you can still make mistakes in the code KompoZer will carry out some checks and ensure that the result is valid HTML (whether or not what you intended). Editing in Source view (see section 3.16) can cause massive corruption of your page.

PHP Code
Clicking opens a window into which PHP code may be typed or copied. On closing, the code along with the required php tags is added to the source code.

Note KompoZer does not support short tags like <? ?> .

Comments are commonly used by coders in order to improve maintainability of code. Comments do not appear on a page. KompoZer helpfully displays an exclamation mark in viewing modes other than preview which when hovered over reveals the content of the comment.

Break below images. If you have an image aligned right or left (with text wrapping around it) this command breaks the wrap at the point selected, the text continuing below the image.