KompoZer User Guide

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KompoZer User Guide - Section 8

8    Site Manager

8.1     Overview

The site manager allows you to navigate your site or between sites easily.

To toggle the Site Manager on or off either press F9 or use View > Show/Hide > Site Manager.

Site Manager can deal with sites irrespective of whether they reside on a local machine or on a remote server. In the latter case, if you are on a dial-up network, Site Manager will dial and make the connection for you. Since generally you will set up a site on a local machine and later 'publish' to a remote server we will deal first with setting up on a local machine.

Site Manager provides a directory tree view of a site similar to the view with Windows Explorer. It however lists only directories which you have specifically set up as ‘Sites’. You can set up many sites, they appear in Site Manager irrespective of where they appear in a normal directory tree.

8.2     Site Manager layoutSetting up sites

 To set up a new site (assuming that pages for the site have already been created) open Site Manager, click ‘Edit Sites’. This opens the ‘Publish Settings’ window.

Choose a convenient name for the site (You may like to call it something like “My Site Local” to differentiate it from a later “My Site Remote”) and enter it in the box ‘Site Name’.

In the ‘Publishing server’ area click ‘Select directory’ and browse to the folder where the site is located, select the folder and OK. The box should read something like ‘file:///C:/Documents … ’ (Ignore the hint line which applies to remote sites only.)

Leave the other boxes (Web site information, User name etc.) blank.

Back in Site Manager in the column headed ‘Name’ the new site should be listed and can be expanded to show its contents.

8.3     Site Manager Functions

The main window lists all sites which have been set up and, for any sites which have been expanded, the files contained in it. (See figure.)
Double-click any site to expand it.

At the top of the Site Manager window a drop down box allows you to view all files or to select to view only html files (which includes htm files) or only image files (these include gif, jpg, jpeg and png files).

For files it is possible to display the file size and modified date. To select or de-select these options, in the column heading click the right-most division and select the options required (see figure). (You may have to widen the site manager window to make this possible.)
It is not possible to change the order of the listing.

Double click on any html file to load it directly to the page area for editing.

By using the buttons at the top of the Site Manager window, and selecting a file if required, it is possible to  rename and delete files and to create folders.

Note all these actions alter the actual files concerned. By using the ‘Edit Sites’ function and the ‘Publish Settings’ window, sites may be removed from the Site Manager but this has no effect on the actual folders or files involved only on the view in Site Manager.

8.4     Remote sites

Remote sites – on the server hosting a site – may be set up in almost exactly the same way as local sites (see Section 8.2). This permits the same browsing, display and editing functions as for a local site.

This time all the boxes on the ‘Publish Settings’ window must be completed. Hints are provided for the content of each. The HTTP address will be used by the Site Manager to find the site.

Warning Remember that any firewall in place must allow KompoZer to access to the site. Unfortunately KompoZer provides little help in resolving any problems which arise while setting up sites.